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July 2, 2013
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Warning!!!!!!!!: Some of the content in this chapter is for ages 15 or older!!! But it is not anything too mature!! You have been warned!!!

It had been about 3 weeks since Natalia kidnapped you and Ivan came to your rescue. And so far she has left you and Ivan alone, she even stopped stocking him.

Today was a hot spring day, you lied in bed awake too lazy to get out of your cozy bed. You pulled your blankets over your head and tried to fall back asleep so you could have a lazy day.
" Sis! Get up lazy cake!! There's someone here to see you!" Sammy yelled opening your bedroom door slamming it into your wall.
" I don't wanna..." You said in your normal soft voice and pulled the blankets over you more.

" Well then... I'll send our guest up here...." Sammy sighed and closed your door slowly. You curled up in a little ball to lazy to care who or what this  ' Guest ' was..... After about a minute or 2 you heard the door open n close and someone what in.

You shifted around and pretended to be asleep, hoping this guest would just leave you alone and let you have your one lazy day.
Soon you felt 2 arms around you and a body next to your's. You blushed madly know someone was this close to you. You shifted around trying to move away but he or she moved you closer.

" Flower... I know your awake..." The guest said hugging you closer to him/her.
" I-Ivan!?" You stuttered out softly, you wiggled out of his grasp in which you fell off the side of the bed. You hit the ground with a small yelp and whimpered as you sat up. " Are you ok!?? " Ivan asked from the bedside.

" Y-Yay... But I-Ivan why a-are you i-in my room?" you asked looking up at Ivan innocently. Ivan helped you up and answered," Because I missed my little девочка." He pouted a little making your face go pink, but soon the cute moment ended when he pulled you onto his lap.
He wrapped his arms around your stomach and nuzzled his head into the side of your neck . You began to blush a fiery red.

You then felt your face burn as he placed a kiss on your shoulder and placed more on your neck. He began to move his hands around your stomach and rub small circles in the area with his fingers. He kissed your cheek making you curl up a little.

You looked up at Ivan blushing as red as a cherry in the spring. You starred into his dark luminous purple eyes and he starred into your sparkling (e/c) eyes deeply. He lowered his face to yours and you closed your eyes slowly.

Your lips met with his and you felt your heart flutter feeling his soft lips upon yours for a second time. You two parted and your face was redder than a rose.

You turned yourself to the side in Ivan's lap and he wrapped his arms around your small frame once again. He pulled you into another kiss, you felt as if you were melting into his warm arms around you.

" W-W-What in the name of glob!?!?!? Get your lips off my big sis!!" Sammy yelled from the door way snapping you and Ivan out of your lovey-dovey moment.

Your eyes shot open, and your gave shot to Sammy. " S-Sam! U-Uh it's n-not what it looks like!" You said trying to yell but it came out soft like always.

Sammy slammed the door shut and you could hear her run down stairs and turn on the T.V. , like she always does when she's upset.

" Oh no, Oh No, OH NO! This is n-not good! " You said pacing back and forth. " * GASP! * .... What if she t-tells M-M-Mom! Or even Dad! I have to think if a way for her not to tell them...... I G-Got it! " You said just before you grabbed Ivan's hand and pushed out of your room. " ___ what are you doing?" Ivan asked just before you shut your door.

You ran to your closet and pulled out a light pink sundress, brown roman sandles, and a cute woven sun hat with a pink ribbon around it and strawberry yo the side.

Why the sun themed outfit? It was part of your plan to get Sammy not to snitch to your mom and pops. And here was your plan:
The one thing Sammy wanted to do more than anything was to go to the beach, but ever since your mom and dad went to Africa you couldn't take her. So to bribe her not to snitch, a trip to the beach was your bribe.

You quickly got dress, and grabbed a sunflower print bag and through some needed stuff in there. You brushed out your long (h/c) hair and pined your bangs to the side with a cute red strawberry clip. You put your sunhat on to finish and headed for the door.

You opened the door and there was Ivan waiting for you. You told him your plan and said he could invite some friends. You both decided who to  
invite and then walked down stairs.

As you 2 reached the bottom of the stairs, you met up with Sammy giving you a death glare. " Sam. Let's make a d-deal. Don't tell mom or dad, and will go to the beach right now."

Sammy's face went from a mad glare to a bright smile. " Heck yay!! Wait who's taking us?" Sammy asked. " I-Ivan is. B-But some o-other people are coming t-too so be nice.. " You answered.

" Yes, Sir! " Sammy replied with a bright and joyful smile as she saluted you and ran upstairs. You smiled at your little sister, but maybe you should have thought this plan all the way... There was on flay to it.

~Time skip!

" The hero is ready to go!!" Alfred said as everyone arrived and got into Ivan's car. Alfred, Gilbert, and Francis piled into the far back seat, Sammy and Lilli got in the 2nd row, and you sat up front in the passenger seat.

" Woo! Let's go, let's go! " Sammy cheered as you guys pulled out of the driveway.
Soon into the long car ride, Alfred started playing music on his phone. Him and Gilbert began to sing along to California Girls as loud as they could. You, Sammy, and Lilli laughed a little at the horrible and loud singing.

After they stopped you ended up dozing off.

~Time Skip

You guys FINALLY made it to the beach after an hour long car ride which you slept soundly through. You guys parked and everyone grabbed there stuff and got out of the cramped car as fast as possible. But you sat in the passenger seat still asleep. Ivan opened your door and smiled at your cute little face as you slept.

He brushed your bangs out of your face and kissed your forehead lightly. Your eyes fluttered open slowly and you blushed darkly as Ivan smiled at you.

You grabbed your bag and Ivan helped you out of the car. You walked onto the beach, where there seemed to be no one but you guys, and spotted Lilli. You ran over and lied your towel down next to her's. You sat down next to her.

" Thanks for inviting me to come along with you guys, ______ " Lilli said with her normal smile. You nodded and slid off your dress which you had your swim suit on under. You had on a cute white bikini on with baby blue, pink, and green dotes on it. The top had a pink bow in the middle, and the bottom had pink bows on both sides. You pulled a red pokka dote inner tube out of your bag and began to blow it up.
After that was done you took off your sun hat, grabbed your inner tube and headed towards everyone else over by the water's edge.

" Sis come swim with me!! " Sammy yelled from the water. You stopped in your tracks and looked out at the water for a second. You shook your head and ran back to your towel and sat back down. You watched as Alfred and Gilbert tackled each other into the water and Francis laughed at them. You smiled a little as Lilli and Sammy splashed each other. That smile faded as you hugged your knees  close to you longing to be having fun too.

A tall shadow cased it self over you and you looked up seeing Ivan standing in front of you. " Why arn't you out in the water with the rest of us,_____? " He asked taking a seat next to you. You were hesitant to answer but then said, " I can't ......" You answered mumbling the last part.
" What was that?" He asked still a little confused. " I can't swim...." You said softer than normal. ( If you can swim, you can't now.)

" Is that all? I'll teach you then, da? " He replied. And before you could protest, he had picked you up bridal style and was carrying you to the blue ocean's waters. " I-I-Ivan! P-Put me down! " You wined and and wiggled around in his arms. He just smiled at set you down in the water.
As the water reached your thighs you clung to Ivan not wanting to be in the water. " Now flower, how am I going to teach you to swim if your clinging on to me? " Ivan asked making you flinch back off of him. You nodded slowly. " Now give me your hands. " He order. He took your small hangs in his larger ones and told you to kick your feet.

Sammy's P.O.V.

Me, that Alfred guy, and what's his name... Gilbert! Watched as Ivan picked up my big sis. " Wow! What's going on there!" Alfred said not to loudly as we watched. My temper heated up seeing him holding my big sis. She wiggled around tell he set her down in the water.

My sister clung to that Ivan guy as if she was scared of the water. " ~Keseseses! Looks like Ivan has won himself a new little-" Gilbert tried to say loudly but I slapped my hand over his UNawesome mouth. I shushed him as I saw what looked like Ivan teaching big sis to..... SWIM!?!?!?!
Ivan then shoot us a dark glare that sent Alfred and Gilbert running but I just glared back.

Your P.O.V.

You smiled a little happily as Ivan continued to teach you to swim. It was pretty fun for you! " Well I think you got the hang of it, da?" He said smiling at you as he still held your hands and walked you through the blue water. " Da!" You cutely copied him with a adorable smile.

~Time skip

Your day at the beach was coming to a close. The sun had gone down, some clouds had rolled in, and Sammy looked beyond tired. " Well since every one is so tired why don't we stay at me beach house for the night? It's only a little ways down ze beach." Francis said as we finished packing everything up.

" That sounds good. I don't think Sam could make it home without passing out." You said stroking Sam's hair as her head layed on your lap.
" Sounds awesome dude!" Alfred said as loud and annoying as always. Once everyone got in the car, Ivan drove everyone down to Francis's beach house.

You all got your stuff and headed into the huge beach house. You and Sammy awed at the beautiful inside of this mansion like house. " Well everyone split up into groups, because we only have 4 rooms. 3 of the rooms have 2 beds. So I suggest, Sammy and Lilly in one room, Gilbert and Alfred in another and Ivan and _____ in the last." Francis stated with a smile and you froze hearing you were paired with Ivan. Everyone agreed on it and you couldn't protest about having to share a room with him.

Everyone went into there assigned rooms and and by the looks of it you were stuck with Ivan for the night ^^''....
You slowly walked into your room behind Ivan. You took a second to  around the room. It looked do fancy!!! Everything was stuff you would have to save up your whole lifes work to pay for!! A bright smile appeared on your face as your immature personality took over. You dropped your bag somewhere on the floor, ran as fast as you could, and belly flopped on one of the soft plushy beds. You snuggled your face to the soft silky comforter. " ~It so soft! " You squealed out in delight. Ivan chuckled watching you be so happy over a comfy bed and a soft blanket. You turned your head and saw him laughing a little you blushed a light pink and put your face in the comforter.

~ Small time skip.

You took a quick shower and changed into some sweats and a blue bunny t-shirt you brought with you, well just in case you guys ended up having to stay some where .

When you came out of the bathroom the lights of the bedroom were already off and Ivan seemed to be asleep. You shuffled over your large bed and got under the warm plushie comforter.  You got comfortable and closet your eyes.

* BAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG! * The loud sound of thunder clapped fallowed by a flash of light. You eyes shoot open and you yanked the blanks over your head. You shook in fear for a second but then the room went silent and you calmed down. * BAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!!! *

The thunder roared louder than last time making you jump out of bed and hide on the floor. You waited at least 10 seconds before the  next roaring sound came. That time you ran your way over to Ivan's bed and slid in next to him. You wrapped your small arms around him and hid your head against his chest.

The Russian yawned and sleepily asked, "____, what's wrong?" You just sobbed quietly and sniffled as you shook against Ivan. He stroked your hair and wrapped one of his arms around you pulling you close. You started to calm down, and soon enough fell asleep in his arms.

~ Time skip to Morning.

" Sis!! Get up Francis ma- " Sammy yelled as she slammed the door open, but then she say a sight that made here so jealous. You  and Ivan were soundly asleep,You cuddled up against his chest and asleep in his arms.

" ......." Sammy stood there in silence  for a second just before yelling," HEY!!!!! BOTH OF YOU GET UP!!!!! I WANT TO SEE SOME SPACE BETWEEN YOU TWO RIGHT NOW!!! "
Your eyes fluttered open and you shifted around for a second and fell back asleep.


~ To Be Countinued!!!!
I Finally got to posting the next part!! XD
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1TheAnimeLuver Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
>:3 When did I ever say she gave up?? I just said she hadn't bugged you for a while. And I'm the quiet shy gurl knows exists so yeah...i based the reader off me so yeah she is basically other way i cans explain it O u O
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1.i am very shy and quit
2.i am friends with a Russian
3.i am terrified of thunder little sis loves adventure time and hates when I'm around my bf
1TheAnimeLuver Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Nope! I based the reader off me actually!
I'm Painfully shy, and anti social.
I'm very quiet and i usually never talk.
I can't stand thunder I even freak out and cry when I hear it.
I get flustered easy and I love to read.
I happen to love adventure time,  yet its my older sis that hates when my boyfriend is over because she wants me to stay here little sister 

So yeah ^^;

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