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April 7, 2013
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Part 4: Leave Me Alone!!! DX

" W-What!? B-But I have to stay home with my sister!" You said in protest. " Well until Natalia leaves were both stuck here..." Ivan sighed. " B-But..." You replied and then sat down on the floor and pouted. Ivan frowned, he actually thought you would like being stuck with him for a while. Ivan sat down on this bed and you both sat in complete silence.

But the silence was broken by a familiar voice yelling," Brother!! Brother come out here right now or I'll do something to that little girl with you!!!" You freaked out and rapidly clung to Ivan on impulse. " ______ don't worry she won't get inside... I hope..." Ivan said wrapping his arms around you.

You blushed madly now noticing that you had clung to Ivan. You guys then heard pounding on the front door and soon there was scratching. You tightened your grip on Ivan and started to tear up out of fear. Ivan felt bad for you and stroked your very long ( hair color ) hair trying to comfort you ( oh and what I mean by you having long hair I mean like hair that goes down to your knees ^^). To him it seemed like you were more afraid of Natalia then he was.

~ Small time skip!

You 2 had been holding each other for about 4 minutes while Natalia tried to open any doors or windows. Your face had been burning red the whole time.

You heard a loud pound on the bedroom's window and you jumped backwards out of Ivan's arms. Ivan gave you a confused look and you stood there looking at the floor. " ______ are you ok? " Ivan asked. " Y-Yay... " You lied. Truly you were so scared that you could cry, but you held it in the best you could.

~ This time skip is brought to you by: Unie The Unicorn! For all your magical time skipping needs! XD

You and Ivan stopped hearing the banging and Ivan looked out of one of the windows, and he saw that Natalia had fallen asleep at the door.

" Well It seems she fell asleep. That means that we can both get some sleep, Da? " Ivan said to you smiling as you sat on the floor almost half asleep.

" O-Oh ok..." You said softly like always. " Well then you can use the guest bedroom. Its the next door to the right. " Ivan said with a smile. You nodded sleepily and grabbed your bag. You walked to the next room, when you got inside you flopped down on the bed and kicked your shoes off. You then realized you didn't have anything to sleep in... ' Crap...' You thought and then remembered you always carried a spare pair of P.E. clothes in your bag.

You walked you your cute little bunny bag that lied on the floor and grabbed your P.E. cloths. You found out that your shorts were only in your bag... " Oh I must have forgotten to bring my spare shirt... W-Wait I have a tank top on under my uniform so I'll have to deal with that..." You said to your self then changed your cloths and climbed into bed.

~ Small time skip...

You had only been asleep maybe 10 minutes when you heard HER pounding on your window. Your eyes shot open. You looked over at the window and say the form of a person. Your eyes widened and you began to shack out of fear. You hid yourself under the blanket and tried not to move. But then you heard the pounding again.

You got out of bed and ran strait to Ivan's room locking the door behind you. You slowly crept over to Ivan's bed where he was sleeping peacefully.

You walked over to him and shook him trying to wake him up. " Ivan...Ivan!" You whined trying to wake him up. But no luck... You stood there scared. You tried to speak loud and say, "' Ivan wake up! Your sister tried to get into my room! " He just grunted and turned over. You face palmed and noticed he still had his scarf on.. You started to pull on it hoping it would wake him up, which luckily worked.

"Ivaaan..." You cried not noticing he was awake. You still lightly pulled on his scarf tell you heard him say, " _____ what is it? " " S-She is out side my window and won't l-leave. She is scaring m-me to where I can't sleep.." You said soft like always

" _____.....Come sleep with me instead, da?" Ivan replied with a sleepy smile as he patted the other side of the bed. You stood there blushing at what he suggested, before slowly walking over to the other side of the bed and getting under the blankets. You at first lied far away from Ivan just facing him as he slept, but he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him. You blushed madly, but soon you wrapped your around him and cuddled.

Natalia's P.O.V.

" That Girl thinks that she can sleep with big brother!!! " I said to myself. I could not believe what I was seeing! That little wench has already gotten too close to him!!! I know I'll wait for her at .......... and then take her by surprise. I jumped from the roof and headed home but on Monday that little wench is screwed!

Your P.O.V.

~ Time skip to Morning!

You woke up in Ivan's arms and went as bright as a tomato. Ivan slowly opened his eyes and smiled at you. " Morning my little flower." he said with a smile and kissed your forehead. " M-M-Morning I-I-Ivan.." You stuttered out and went even redder than before. He smiled and got out of bed, then you noticed something.... he was sleeping shirtless the whole time.... ' Holy crap!!! ' You thought as you stoop up. Once he left the room you bolted as fast as you could to guest room. You quickly changed your shirt back to our uniform shirt.

You left the room and headed down stairs to see Ivan looking through all the windows and checking all the doors. " I-Ivan what are you d-doing? " You asked him. He turned to you with a happy and cheerful smile and replied, " Natalia left! She must have gave up!!"

"Really!? T-That means I can go home to S-Sammy.... Oh no.... I forgot to tell Sammy I was h-here!!! I left a 10 year old a-alone all night!!!!" You said freaking out. " Ah what about your parents? Don't they stay home? " Ivan asked confused. " N-No they are on a year long trip in Africa helping children!" You said still freaking out. You then ran up stairs to the guest room and got dressed. You grabbed your bag and ran back down stairs, but you ended up falling on your face as you ran. " _____ are you ok!? " Ivan asked as he helped you up. " Y-Yay I'm Fine! But I really have to go!!" You replied before running out the door.

~ Time skip to your house!!!

You made to your house in less than 10 minutes and rang the door bell cause you were to worried to get out your keys. " Coming! " You heard your sister's voice yell. ' Thank god she is ok. ' You thought waiting. She opened the door and starred at you. " There you are sis!!! I was wondering when you would come home!!! You left me alone all last night! " Sammy yelled and hugged you. " S-Sorry Sammy. I was stuck in a little problem yesterday, but will talk about that later. " You replied and walked into the house.

" Sam I'm gonna go take a shower!! You get breakfast started! " You yelled to your sis from upstairs. You hopped in the shower and then got dress you put on a light pink shirt with frill at the bottom, a white skirt to match, last you put on some pink and white striped socks that went up to your knees.

You dried your hair and then put a white bow in it. You walked down stairs to see your sister had the toast done and you just had to make the bacon. After that was done you sat down to have a nice breakfast with your little sis. Then she told you something that scared the crap out of you.

" Sis I think someone is watching us..."
Well here is part 4 I'm sorry it took me so long to post it ^^; I was having a little trouble getting the submit page to work...

Well anyway I hoped you enjoyed
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