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July 11, 2013
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Ending # 2 is here!!! Enjoy!!!


Your eyes widened at Ivan's sudden action. Your eyes fluttered shut and you stood on your tippy toes so Ivan wouldn't have to lean down so far.

Your kiss lasted about a minute before you pulled back with a small smile on both your faces. " W-Well I'm glad y-your here." You said smiling cutely. " And I'm happy to be here. " he replied smiling back.

" So this is your new house. " he said looking around. " Y-Yay, it's not that big but I l-like it. " You said walking him over to your living room.

" Well this is the living room, the bathroom is o-over there, then there's m-my room, and over there is the kitchen. " You said pointing everything out as you gave Ivan a little tour of your house.

" Your new home suits you well. " he said hugging you from behind.
" Y-You think s-so? " You said softly as you blushed. Ivan tightened his hug and pulled you to sit in his lap on your living room floor.

He nuzzled his head against the side of yours. You smiled and blushed. " H-Hey I-Ivan can you let go of me for a sec? " you asked looking up at him with a dull pink plastered on your face.

He nodded and let you go. You got up an ran over to your room, you grabbed your laptop and your favorite movie. Your ran back over to Ivan with your laptop behind your back. " D-Do you wanna w-watch a movie? " you asked holding up your laptop and the DVD. " Sure my little sunflower. " Ivan answered with a smile.

You set up your laptop on the floor and put in the DVD. Ivan moved to sit against the wall and motioned for you to come sit back in his lap. You blushed red as you sat back down in his lap and his arms wrapped around you.

The movie started and you watched it smiling like the little dork you are. Ivan layed his head atop yours lazily. You got the feeling he wasn't enjoying just sitting here.

You hesitantly leaned back against his chest. You could hear his heart beating at a slow steady pace. You closed your eyes and just listened to it.
" _____? " Ivan asked. " hm? " " What made you love someone ask dark as me? Your so bright and happy, yet I'm a dark brute. " He asked tightening his hug around you.

" Well you always seemed to make everyone afraid of you, but not me. To me, the smile some saw as scary was a sweet caring smile in disguise. And over time I found I was right. Your like a hard candy. Tough and hard on the outside, but sweet and loving on the inside. And how you treat me with such kindness that not many gave me made me happy. You were the one person who didn't see me as invisible. Your the one person who heard my voice. And... And..." You said not stuttering and started to cry at the last part.

" Why are you crying??? " Ivan asked whipping your tears away.
" You... You just make me so happy * sniffle * And.... And... I just love you so much!!! " you said and turned around to hug Ivan.

" Don't ever leave me Ivan! " you cried as you rubbed your face in his chest. " Don't worry ____. I could never leave you. " he said hugging you to him.

You both stayed like this tell your movie was over. Ivan yawned and looked down at you, you were super sleepy. You yawned and rubbed your eyes. You sat up and you both stretched.

" W-What time is it? " You asked Ivan yawning again. He looked at his watch, " It's 11:47 "

" Boo it's way past my bed time now." You said standing up. " We'll then someone needs to go to sleep, da? " Ivan said standing up and patting your head. You blushed and nodded before asking, " I-Ivan... Will you stay with m-me tonight? I d-don't want to be a-alone..."

" Of course sunflower. " Ivan said with a smile  , you blushed and walked to your bedroom with Ivan close behind. Just as you were going to walk in you turned around to face Ivan and said," Can you wait o-out here a sec?" He nodded and you ran inside your room shouting the door behind you.

You got into you bunny pjs and grabbed you giant stuff bunny. You hugged it to yourself as you opened the door and let Ivan in.

You turned off your lap as you climbed into bed next to Ivan. You blushed red as he pulled you close to him? but he couldn't get too close cause of your bunny. You smiled lightly seeing him pout thought what little light entered the room..

You blushed as you let go of the bunny and tossed it off the bed. You scooted closed to him and you say him smile as he hugged you closed.

" Goodnight Ivan." You said and kissed his nose.
" Goodnight, My little Flower." He said and kissed your lips softly.


Well that is the end To my wonderful little story!!! I hope you all liked It!! Cause I loved writing it!!! And if you guys would like to see me do another Very Shy reader story give me some countries you would like 2 have as the next one!

Well Thanks For Reading!!!
Here is ending number 2!!! This is the last and final part to Russia x Very Shy!Reader!! I will miss writing this story but I'm happy I had the chance to write it ^^

I don't own the preview picture!!!!
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Cakoto Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I was like reading half-way through the lemon version and then I was like, "Nope, nope." *scroll up and press the non lemon version*
1TheAnimeLuver Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
XD yeeeeeah we made ALOT of edits to the lemon version. It was a lot less lemony before believe me XD but my co-author prefers the non-lemon version too so Boop boop
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I still went back and read the lemon version though. XD
AmuletDragonSlayer Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Seeing the convo down there I have my lemons stashed in my iPad notes and I'm only twelve ewe

I-I'm just gonna go /backs away/ Yeah I'm just gonna go, nah bra don't worry bout me, I'mma go make a fluff now lol >3>
1TheAnimeLuver Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Its fine dude! My sister's friend is 12 and she writes and reads like hardcore crap....So having them isn't that bad compared to that gurl ^^;
AmuletDragonSlayer Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014
Guuuuuurl I only mentioned one of them lol

I also read doujinshis of Hetalia and other animes with r18 and I just sit there fangirling lol
1TheAnimeLuver Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol... i read them sometimes but then I get too embarrassed after like 4 pages and i stop cause im blushing too hard and sqeuling > 3 < 
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I read both endings even though im 13.... o-o..... maybe thats my perverted korean side... damn it yong soo!
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